Here are the links to the 2008 re: catalogue.
These are compressed files as the final catalogue is massive. The front is 18mb and the back is 14.4mb.
Due to the compression, and the way some of the pdfs were constructed, some of the type is not particularly crisp.

The overall design of the catalogue is 2008 Emma Powell & Melanie Bush – we love your books.
Most of the individual pages have been produced by participating artists – no spelling corrections have been made.

To make the main catalogue
This catalogue is designed to be printed out in three stages -
front of pages / back of pages / cover.

Try a few test pages first before printing the whole document.
You will need 36 pages of double-sided A4 for the main catalogue.
Once printed you will need to cut all the pages down to A5.

Start by printing out the pages in the file 'RE cat front v2 small.pdf'. There are 36 in total.
Remove printed pages from printer and place back in paper tray/feeder so that they
are the right way round to print the other side. Do some tests to check you have got this correct!
Print out pages from the file 'new back v3 small.pdf' onto the backs of the 36 pages you have already printed.
Cut all pages down to A5.
Check all pages are facing with the fronts towards you - you can place them in any order so long
as all the fronts are facing forwards.
Stack neatly – align all edges. The left hand edge is the binding edge.
We suggest that you hole punch the book block and align this with the holes in the cover.
But you may wish to bind it together as you wish.
Make cover as described below and attach.

Cover instructions – 3 parts
1) instructions about how to make cover
2) photos showing cover made
3) the catalogue cover as a pdf

1) To make Re: catalogue cover:
Our original cover was designed as an A3 fold out, but realising that most people have access to A4 printers we
have adapted the cover design. It comprises 2 x A4 sheets folded to A5 and 2x A5 sheets.

Set printer to print to maximum printable area. Print onto a coloured paper of your choice, which will show the
grey and pink type and which is also of a heavy enough weight to avoid see through in back to back printing.

Print pages 1 & 2 back to back. Hole punch where marked by +. Fold in half (preferably with a bone folder)
so the cover page (with the large re: on it) is to the front.

Print pages 3 & 4 back to back. Cut page in half so you have 2 x A5 pages. Hole punch where marked b
y +.
The page order is numbered.

Offer up cover and 2 follow up pages to front of book block.

Print pages 5 & 6 back to back. Hole punch where marked by +, they are quite hard to see –
on top right hand side of larger re words. Fold in half so the larger re words are on the outside.

Offer up to book block at back – the holes should be on the inside, so they are hidden by the
folded back cover (which should fold from the top).

Use Acco Fasteners to hold the book together.

re catalogue front re catalogue front open
front / front opened

re catalogue back catalogue back open 2
back / back opened

catalogue cover final

RE cat front v2 small

new back v3 small