Library Special Collection

We have created a Special Collection of altered
books & experimental artists' books at The
University of Northampton - Avenue Campus Library.
The Library also holds on loan part of our
'we love your books' archive of artists' books.

Thanks to all the artists whose books appear in
our archive - we love your books!

The following books are currently in our
Library Special Collection

Fragile Knowledge Theresa Easton
Theresa Easton 'Fragile Knowledge'

Sarah Morpeth Pained Butterfly Book
Sarah Morpeth 'Pained Butterfly Book'

Sarah Morpeth Seagull
Sarah Morpeth 'Seagull'

atlantic press 2 atlantic press 1
Atlantic Press (UK) – A.K.Laine & Emma Wills, ‘The Garden Sketchbook’ (2007)

Brennan, Tullie, Brown + Docherty 2 Brennan, Tullie, Brown + Docherty 3

Brennan, Tullie, Brown + Docherty 4 Brennan, Tullie, Brown + Docherty 5
Gordon Brennan, Barrie Tullie, John Brown, Mike Docherty
'Flat Pack/ Plaska Paczka' (2006) ed:1/43

Christian Brett 06
Christian Brett - Bracket Press “Disconnected” (2005) ed:1/20
tracey bush 2
Tracey Bush ‘Pearl-bordered Fritillary’

Helen Cole 1 Helen Cole 3
Helen Cole, Mister Hat ‘Starling Skies & Lovers’ Lies’, (2008)

coracle02 coracle01
Coracle Press 'Little Bit of Butter’ (2007) ed: 500

Luce Choules - ken02 Luce Choules - ken01
Luce Choules
‘ken360’ Autumn 2005/sheet 000 &
Summer/Autumn 2006/sheet 00 mappazines

Diane de Bournazel 2 Diane de Bournazel
Diane de Bournazel ‘Toit - Toi’ (2007)

Helen Douglas - Weproductions 'Between the Two' (1997)

Kate Farley Kate Farley 2
Kate Farley ‘Bloom’, (UK)

Emily Foden 2 Emily Foden 3
Emily Foden ‘The Handshakes of Strangers’, (UK)

Stephen Fowler - eidetic01 Stephen Fowler - eidetic02
Stephen Fowler ‘Eidetic Band’ (2006) cd + packaging

Ian Hamilton Finlay Ian Hamilton Finlay 2
Ian Hamilton Finlay 'Souvenirs', Wild Hawthorn Press, (2000)  

Hilary Judd - mind the gap01 Hilary Judd - mind the gap02 Hilary Judd - mind the gap04
Hilary Judd ‘Mind the Gap’ (2006)

Christine Kennedy 1 Christine Kennedy 2
Christine Kennedy 'Twelve Entries', The Cherry on Top Press (2003)  
Tears- Katsumi Komogata 1 Tears- Katsumi Komogata
Katsumi Komagata (Japan)
‘Found it!’  (2002/05)
'Tears' 2000
‘Little Eyes 3. Play with Colours’  (1990)

otto02 otto01otto03
Katherina Manolessou & Dettmer Otto ‘Journey to the Centre’ (2005) ed:of 100 & ‘Godzilla No More Dieting’ (2007) ed: 60/100

Andrew Morrison 1 Andrew Morrison 2
Andrew Morrison 'The Strangeness of Ordinary Things' ed:14/20,
'Ceremonial Objects' Two Wood Press, (2008)

amy nolan 1 amy nolan 2
Amy Nolan ‘126 Harrow Rd’ (2007) one-off

Katherine Phillips & Thomas Bolland '10sq' (2009) ed:4/5

reassemble01 reassemble06
Reassemble – John Say & Sheena Vallely
'Big Book' (2005) ed:1/43        
'Map Book' (2007)

Meg Richardson - tidal01 Meg Richardson - tidal03 Meg Richardson - tidal04
Meg Richardson - Pelinore Press (2006)
‘Tidal Taxonomy’ ed: of 30 handmade books - based on beach detritus (rejectamenta)

L.ridout01 L.ridout05
Lizzie Ridout 'Homeward Bound' 2007
David Crow - Righton Press 1 David Crow - Righton Press 2 David Crow - Righton Press 3
Righton Press – David Crow 'Emblem' (2007) ed:235/500   
Batool Showghi - fragments02 Batool Showghi - fragments03
Batool Showghi ‘Fragments Book 1’ (2006) ed:of 3

chisto tamasm 2
Chisato Tamabayashi ‘Queue’ (2006)

Melissa Thompson 'Face Me'

Helen Tookey Helen Tookey 2
Helen Tookey 'Telling the Fractures', Axis Publications (2008)

Emma Powell + Melanie Bush Emma Powell + Melanie Bush 2
we love your books
'Meeting in the Middle' Catalogue (2005) ed:2/10
'Full Circle/Random Journey' Catalogue (2006) ed:2/18
'ABC' Catalogue Emma Powell & Melanie Bush we love your books (2007) ed:1/10
Re Catalogue; Emma Powell & Melanie Bush we love your books (2008)

'we love your books' archive of artists books.
These books are on loan to the Library Special Collection
and were donated to ‘we love your books’ after being exhibited.

Laurent Antonczak, New Zealand '360 flip book' (2006) ed:one-off

Kay Byrne,
UK 'The Raven' (2007)ed:1/5

Graeme Dawes,
'Kiss Book' (2005) pair of ring bound books, digital print
'Random Journey' (2006) pack of map cards     ed:one-off
'Random Journey' (2006) maze board puzzle  ed:one-off

Tommaso Durante, Australia
'Terra Australis' (2003)
'Tenuti da nulla/In laude del nero'  (1996)  ed;1/100 die cut, litho  printed , perfect bound

Katsumi Komagata , Japan via uk representative Annette Low
'Yellow to Red' (1994 reprinted 2000) die cut, litho  printed
'I’m gonna be born'.  (1994 reprinted 2004) die cut, litho  printed

Jim Leftwich& John M. Benett 'Sound Dirt' (2006)

Emily Martin & the Naughty Dog Press, USA
'The Family Game'
(2003) sewn paper book with fold out page ed:80/100

Denis Mizzi, Australia 'Circle' (2006) digital prints, archival paper, ring bound ed:1/8

Stephanie Nace, Frogslegs Studio, USA
'Seasons of the Sun'  (2003) star book, prints & stamps,collage ed:2/5

Lisa Beth Robinson, Somnambulist Press
& the Belle Etoile Press,
'Full Circle/random Journey' (2006) folded, collages  ed:one off

Matthew  Rose, France 'Empty & Company' (2006) artists book, collage,paint   

Kurt Schranzer, Australia 'Book of Random Journeys'  (2006) boxed cards