we love your books call for entries 2016

Create an experimental artist book
on the theme of

dot / dash

For your entry to be considered for the 2016, curated, on-line exhibition it should be:
creative, innovative and very well crafted.
We are also specifically interested in experimental content and/or structure. 
We accept book entries from anyone – professionals, students and/or hobbyists.
Your book can take any format and be any size.

After you have made your book(s) please email us (curators@weloveyourbooks.com) the following:

a) 3 photos of your creative process (eg: sketchbook pages)
b) 3 photos of your final bookwork from different viewpoints
c) up to 500 words of creative writing based on the theme

Essential info
• Your book must have been created specifically for this exhibition

• At this stage each photo must not be more than 1mb in size (we may ask for higher resolution photos at a later date).
Larger images cause our email to crash and prevent other participants from being able to email us.
Please be considerate and stick to the size limit.

• You must also submit the online form information (see side bar) for your work to be considered.

• Where we ask for text from you please limit it to 50 words where requested.

• Closing date for these digital entries is Friday July 1st 2016

dot / dash sub themes / starting points

dot =
dit (in morse code), pinpoint, point, spot, particle, atom, circle, grain, fleck, speck,
droplet, bit, bead, globule, tiny, little, distant, full stop (punctuation),
girl’s name (Dot, Dottie, Dorothy), pin prick

dash = dah (in morse code), sprint, bolt, run, haste, rush, scurry, whiz, top speed,
hurtle, scamper, speed, quickly, bound, flash, gallop, surge, race, urgent, jog, spring, scoot, speed away,
skedaddle, leave, like lightening, shake a leg, step on it, take off, fly the coop, dart, fly, short punctuation marks

some extra words to consider

morse code, cryptography, code, privacy, data, secrecy, confidentiality, encryption, passwords, on–off,
dot dash silence (in morse code), SOS – 3 dots, 3 dashes, 3 dots, encipher, decipher, cipher, punched holes
in a Jacquard Loom, punched cards in relation to computer programming,

words accessed on 15.07.15 from